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Andy Heck Boyd’s Solo Show “DIGITAL PRINCE” @ BUOY GALLERY, Kittery, Maine


Andy Heck Boyd had the premiere of his solo show called DIGITAL PRINCE last week at Kittery, Maine’s premier avant garde art space, BUOY GALLERY. The show runs through September 15th. Several of Andy’s prints, many of which have already sold, as well as video projections of his Absurdist Video Art are on display.

A wonderful mini-documentary on the show, and of Andy, was put together by and can be viewed below.

Various Video Art – Febuary 2013

ELI E / KELLY B . “Moonscape of Failed Hope Finds a Yesteryear of Good Fortune”
Continued from their recent sessions.

TYKYLEVITS. “Se hänelle kertokaa”

a video mix mashter of current event reality sewn together with commentary and mirrored with b-movie fictionality.

a video art piece comprised completely of animated internet GIF’s, backed by random audio from television and cinema.


Heck Boyd has released his latest 23 minute featurette called DAISY – a part black and white, part color, trippy, crazy, fecal fetish filled, incest based and drug laced animation done in classic Cinema Boyd style using his unique outsider drawing and much of his own voiceover/soundeffect work, mixed with slits of metal muse interlaced throughout.

DAISY (2012):


More updates on our absurdist video artists continue, this time it’s:


BOYD has been pumping out videos, but not the one’s we are used to seeing, rather videos of his completed artwork (drawing/painting), and also as of recently, some experimental vlogging which include his art, himself in his surroundings, and everything from random thought nuggets to bits of his personal past.  They work.

He hasn’t left filmmaking though, as the above video reveals. Boyd recently completed HOWARD (2012)  a 14 min. short featuring a headless main character who deals with the art conundrums which Andy seems to possibly be dealing with – be a painter or be an absurdo-weirdo video artist? He makes fun of the latter putting Headless in front of a video camera as he dances around absurdly, then gets tired so sits down in a chair for a supposed serious scene with a kermit the frog-head actor, but Headless can’t help himself; he plays with his balls while mumbling absurdities, eventually falling over the chair and passing out. Kermit-head says “I think you should go back to painting”

HOWARD has probably the best use of font/lettering in all Boyd’s pieces. Big colored block letters, making the dialogue pop out while interesting and easy to read. It also has some laugh the fuck out loud enormous penis shots that come out of nowhere, great absurdist dialogue, and some good music collaboration (shaun parker), which probably could have been used more throughout the whole film. It’s a big work which shows, I think, that Andy will still be pumping out video art, even as his paintings, especially portraits, continue to get better.

Andy’s art site can be found at:

HOWARD (2012) by Andy Heck Boyd

B-Sides – “BOYD’S PAINTINGS” (The Absurdist’s Side Projects)

“Satanic Kids Puking on the Bible” Andy Heck Boyd, 2011

When they’ve immersed themselves fully in their usual outlets for creation, a holding capacity seems to be breached, and when that compulsion hits, then an overflow occurs.   They often find themselves blindly branching out to places they normally would never have bothered with, out of sheer compulsion to do so, rather than some sort of engineered “creative exploration”.

….(In some cases) they choose to create in an entirely different medium altogether.

original post on B-Sides HERE


Due to a wrist injury forcing a break from animating, but more so I believe the aforementioned compulsory spill over effect, Andy Heck Boyd began painting, and in turn cranking out, work after work after work. He recently picked up his video cam and has begun showcasing his B Side outlet for Absurdism, which has reached a new surface of outsider art afficiondo’s, many who likely never saw the video art animated side of Boyd, but are now willing to not only view, but also shell out money for many of Andy’s canvases. Here’s a montage of recent artwork starting with “Inside Bugs Bunny’s Dumpster” and ending with “Pretty Girl Go Poo” (aka”Girl Shitting”).

the hyougono heckler with

the Peter the Painter wanted to hole him,

was consistently practising the first of the primary

and imprescriptible liberties of the pacific subject by circulating


BoydsBrain – Appropriation and the New Art Education

Still from “Super Mario Clouds” by Cory Arcangel – “a digital artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. His work is concerned with the relationship between technology and culture, and with media appropriation.  Arcangel’s best known works are his NINTENDO game cartridge hacks and reworkings of obsolete computer systems of the 70’s and 80’s.”

A latest blog entry (re-posted below) from Andy Heck Boyd is a good inside glimpse of not only what’s been swirling  around boyds brain as of late, helping to inspire and self educate through the exploration of both past and current experiments;  but also how one experiences online art in a way one experiences gallery art, in the sense of that “feel” you can still get when you come across a particular work from your computer screen that does it for you.

He starts out by bringing attention to recent  simple appropriation from video games to popular animation, which both receive viewer comments from: “What an utterly lazy piece of pretentious garbage” to the usual “this is just awful”.  Boyd shines his own light on the works.

Finally he concludes with the online site source, which it seems he has discovered just recently.  What is interesting here is his admittance of “lack of art education”, and the effort to have to dig everything up.  But really a site like ubu, and the internet in general, can far surpass most kinds of traditional art education.  The key as he put it, is having to dig it all up;  i.e applying the time and effort, not towards an institution classroom (and the mountain of debt required to enter such a classroom), but rather an individual learning, taking the time and patience to do so and reaping the reward of surprise as a result.


Fine Art Film Note may/10   -Heck Boyd-

i think the video i think of the most the past few weeks is ‘clouds’ by cory arcangel,

Makes me smile and excited, because its fairly new discovery for me. Very simple effective. very different in opening new ways of looking at video making. i like moving pictures, just pictures brought to life with motion in specific viewing areas (tvs/computers), to put it simply. it doesnt have to be anything, just something that challenges me at how i look at the medium. push things forward.
bart the general series done by famicon is another personal favorite ive been obsessed with lately. i have downloaded the six separate episodes off youtube and have edited them and burned to dvd as one 42 minute movie.
peter gidal, who ive never heard of until today seems to have blown my mind with a feature he did in 1967 called ‘upside down feature’, where the whole film is upside down. this is very exciting, ill watch it tonight.
a site i found while looking for paper rads other video works. its a media art site, poetry, film and video, music etc. well i found the paper rad videos, i think four of them. trash talking, dr doo in fucland, smells like burnt speaker, p-unit mixtape, and super mario brothers movie. i snapped them up for my collection. then i perused around and discovered hundreds of fine art filmmakers from the last century into this one, and its mind boggling what i’ve found so far. and i’ve only looked at a dozen different people at random, so it will be extremely interesting to see what else is there.

i’ve never really had a good art education, so i am not fully aware of any other major artists, i have to dig to find them. which is fine, its a new surprise when you discover something! so this site is also a great find if you are into film as fine art, as opposed to hollywood which isn’t experimental in the least bit. anyways

“TRIGGERS” – Selected Triggers from Various AV Artists

It's Time

“Triggers” a term possibly first coined by Eric Fournier to describe some of his short spasmatic Shaye Saint John pieces, can also be extended to describe other Absurd Video Artists who have been employing this style for years.

Neither “short film” nor “sketch piece”, these triggers tend to exist somewhere between “test clip” and “stand alone visual art”.

To the archaic alternative and even experimental film purveyor, Trigger pieces have been discounted and swept aside as their lack of label have confused and agitated the alter-establishment (of course showing 20 seconds of mundane 16mm leader film is acceptable in the usual avant garde circles and considered part of a risk taking experimental film.  “Ooooh, he showed leader!”  Pathetic, par usual).

But Triggers can also be seen as “releases”.  Similar to a gun enthusiast feeling the heavy urge to pull a trigger and unload a few rounds, the video artist similarly experiences the necessity to unload using whatever creative arsenals on hand.

Triggers are performed without the restraint of the usual mundane burdens of visual coherency, plots, titles, credits etc.  They’re meant to trigger off some creative energy for creativity’s  sake;  the necessary high that a quick heroin street fix brings to the junkie, the video creator locks, loads,  and spews forth a premature ejaculation through the visual medium.

Here are  some random triggers from American Films, Heck Boyd, and Shaye Saint John.


Andy HECK Boyds latest is a 5 part featurette called MENSTRUATION.  Boyd is an absurdist underground lo-fi movie maker creating a prolific collection of experiments, 10 second clips, and full on features all in the animated non sensical vein.  Some of the best transgressive cinematic trash gems out there which are way ahead of their pre-apocalyptic time.