ELI ELLIOTT (USA) is a filmmaker and video artist who’s created experimental- absurdist films since 1996. He’s known for performing his own characters and shooting on lo-fi mediums, most notably the Fisher Price PXL 2000 toy video camera. His films have shown in a variety of festivals worldwide and many shorts and performance pieces are online.

Ranging from “experimental autobiographical” to “observational video art” to “avant garde absurdism” his pieces are a conglomeration of various styles, themes, and formats, thus never fitting into the traditional underground, and veering far from any type of mainstream indie filmmaking.

Mixed within his work are hints of a lifestyle involving travel, acting, van dwelling, and an overall outsider, absurdist approach to existing.

Eli Elliott’s main website with links to videos can be found at http://Elienation.org

A few selections:



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