BUZZ COASTIN is one of the most prolific online video makers who specializes in taking the unlimited library of internet video (ranging from vlogs, online news, porn, as well as a vast array of audio sources) and mashing them together into an absurdist smorgasburg of sight and sound revealing both the absurdity of the content which is created by others, and the new process of the artist whose paintbrush  now only has to digitally dip into the overwhelming content which already exists.

Buzz works off of Marcel Duchamp’s prediction of the future artist :

“In the future an artist will only need to point and make art.”

Banned numerous times on YouTube, and frequently attacked by trolls who have difficulty understanding the media environment, Buzz is constantly shifting his work from various video sites, and operating under numerous accounts. Currently his work can be seen here on Vimeo.

And Buzz has resurfaced here on YouTube as well.


    1. I’m tasting pirates, agh, aghr, but with a little frissance of pleasure playing at the back of the pallet this is a bright little number, to be enjoyed on it’s own or with fish.

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