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B-Sides – “BOYD’S PAINTINGS” (The Absurdist’s Side Projects)

“Satanic Kids Puking on the Bible” Andy Heck Boyd, 2011

When they’ve immersed themselves fully in their usual outlets for creation, a holding capacity seems to be breached, and when that compulsion hits, then an overflow occurs.   They often find themselves blindly branching out to places they normally would never have bothered with, out of sheer compulsion to do so, rather than some sort of engineered “creative exploration”.

….(In some cases) they choose to create in an entirely different medium altogether.

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Due to a wrist injury forcing a break from animating, but more so I believe the aforementioned compulsory spill over effect, Andy Heck Boyd began painting, and in turn cranking out, work after work after work. He recently picked up his video cam and has begun showcasing his B Side outlet for Absurdism, which has reached a new surface of outsider art afficiondo’s, many who likely never saw the video art animated side of Boyd, but are now willing to not only view, but also shell out money for many of Andy’s canvases. Here’s a montage of recent artwork starting with “Inside Bugs Bunny’s Dumpster” and ending with “Pretty Girl Go Poo” (aka”Girl Shitting”).

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