THROWGOD – The Internets Greatest Video Artist Quarterback

SEEMINGLY OUT OF NOWHERE the internet has recently been graced with the presence of THROWGOD. A potential internet phenomena who is just as much video artist as he is viral commodity, THROWGOD has digitally emerged from who knows where and is owning the internet of 2020 with his nonstop daily uploads which are mesmerizing, mysterious, hilarious, and absurd.

Without explanation, a frenetic blizzard of videos have recently emerged, and continue to emerge daily, on the TikTok platform. They feature a man, often shirtless, sometimes wearing a mask, sometimes a wig, throwing a football from great distance into a net containing three ”catch holes”. Every throw recorded, the ball makes it into one of the three holes. After the throw, sometimes before, commentary is made by the man, as well as occasional voiceover at the end.


Various levels are at play here. ThrowGods amazing athleticism, his hilarious and often non-PC commentary, his occasional batshit crazy manic episodes, his artistic and experimental edits, and of course the mystery of who the fuck this guy is.

His skills appear legit enough to likely have been a former high level quarterback. Perhaps someone who had success, then life gets in the way, and now he returns to the core – his love for throwing.

Yet it seems his age is still within range for a potential professional stint back on the field. Matter of fact most comments to his pieces are usually “you should play for the XFL”. Yet it’s the Zen of ThrowGod who rebukes such comments by telling his audience that this is his nirvana; an open field, a net, a half dozen footballs…and throwing.

Indeed this is his stage. It’s where he comes alive, improvising one-liners, creating characters, all while strenuously and accurately heaving a football from ridiculous distance. With laser like precision it lands perfectly in the net, again and again and again.

ThrowGod recognizes his greatness; both in his arm and in his gift for improvisational gab. “Believe in Yourself” is a mantra of ThrowGod, which he repeats to himself often. The mantra has been effective. He is an artist who has found his medium, and the perfect, most relevant outlet for expressing it.

Between his daily throwing sessions, and his nightly video editing, THROWGOD is currently one of the best, and most prolific, video performance artists out there.

To witness the art of ThrowGod, go to his TikTok account – @throwgod

His website is
(be sure to check his blog out, he has the gift for written word as well).

Also twitter @throwgod

Hubert and the Night People – A film by GUS FINK


Around 15 years ago or so, an outsider artist emerged on Ebay by the name of Gus Fink. His profile picture was a blurry, vintage photo of an older man in a tuxedo, and his vibrant art brut paintings suggested he was an elderly eccentric oddity who had been creating art for years and now was offering up his work on Ebay.  A solid following for Gus quickly emerged, and the prolific artist seemed to be slowly, but steadily selling his paintings.  


As it turned out, Gus was not the old man eccentric oddity that the vintage color profile photo suggested. He was actually a young guy in his 20’s at the time, who was more focused on creating art and becoming a full-time artist, than promoting his own personal image. Indeed a rarity nowadays with the emergence of social media, where artists spend more time curating their own persona, rather than actually creating art.

Eventually Gus dropped the vintage photo and came clean. He replaced it with a small partial picture of himself. His art was solid enough that people let the whole old man eccentric angle slide, and they continued to gobble up his unique and affordable paintings.

Gus has never stopped creating since, to this day still selling his art on Ebay, while branching out to create toys, apps, and even experimental music.

Gus has now taken the moviemaking plunge with his first short film called HUBERT AND THE NIGHT PEOPLE. It’s a very well made, interesting piece which moves along incredibly well and relishes in various absurdities throughout.

The characters that Fink creates in his paintings come alive in awesomely designed costumed beings who fluidly move around dreamlike, the way you would imagine them to, if they rose from a Fink canvas. He smartly includes many of his drawings in the film, which one of the characters gives to Hubert on his nightly visit.

Hubert is the  main character,  an eccentric, disciplined recluse of sorts, who uses his artistic mind to lose himself into his own world on a nightly basis.  Perhaps mirroring the artist life of an early Gus Fink, eventually we see our absurdist hero deciding to personally take the plunge into this otherly world.

Just as Gus decided to become a full-time artist while dropping the old man image, Hubert drops his own constructed outer image, and commits to becoming the other worldly being, that he truly is.

HUBERT AND THE NIGHT PEOPLE is a wonderful film and it can be viewed on Amazon in the link below.


For Gus Fink art, go to – GUSFINKSTUDIOS.COM