Randy Prozac was the ringleader behind GOAT WORSHIP, an Absurdist video making outfit, comprising of a group of actors performing in bizarre experimental videos. While Goat Worship has disbanded, Prozac remains and now creates animated works, visually more “accessible” but more vast and convoluted content wise.  Their themes revolve around the absurdities of human behavior including hive mind mentality, corporatism, logos, popular culture trends, and mind control.

Randy’s incredible website includes both old Goat Worship and new Prozac animated works – http://sentimentalcorp.org/


  1. Listen here artist boy, there are 3 things in life, money. power. pussy. in that order, the sooner you put down your crayons and pick up a hammer the sooner you’ll realize that. you think drawing is a skill, yeah a skill the teach in kindergarten, then guess what? they’re done teaching it by grade school.

  2. aaa randy yer muzik is da shit, we and da boys here in “lafrance” love da shit, keep it up dare yeah tabernack, FRANCE LOVE RANDY BIG.

  3. But does that not also mean that you want to be fucked by the NVVO too, “Randy”? Your tone implies that after experiencing being in this “network”, you’ve given up. It does not make sense why THEY would release such a highly informed participant unharmed or alive knowing the dissemination of information that could occur if you were daring enough…And how can you control their control over you…That really is illogical in terms of the milieu you are coming from.

    Despite this, I’m glad you have time to make jokes and distract yourself from the reality you’ve witnessed whilst running away from the horse-sized eyes plaguing your godless mind. Here is a tip: If you truly want people to understand and be “awakened” – which you have candidly reiterated is impossible – speak more clearly and expand on the points you are making. Otherwise, you just seem arrogant with what you know and have experienced, wanting to exploit the simple-mindedness of most people which you so evidently stated.

    Trust me (which you may not necessarily want to do) there is a way out of everything. While I type this reply on my i********i manufactured laptop and think about the revelations you have instated, I am very much aware that you are thinking the same thing. I am just a puppet. But you forget one thing…the inherent WILL to guide one’s soul. I for one know and am 100% sure of my love for Christ. And no amount of dwelling upon the already present NVVO or your insights can change that. The love the Lord garners for all of humanity is unique, and although beyond this world, is so deeply entrenched in it. You are right. Nothing matters anymore. If we are all screwed then so be it. But they can’t take away Christ from anyone who wills their love for him. It is a strange world we live in, Randy; a world full of struggle, injustice and evil. No one necessarily needs to watch a music video to see the d***l in operation. Greed, lust and corruption are daily transactions, so devious that some blink and miss. However, I still believe that this world is also filled with beauty and awe beyond their control. Believe me, there is always a way OUT.

    1. you are right on the money ANONAMEMOUS Christ is thy way out on the nwo ! and RANDY PROZAC GOAT WORSHIP same as devil worship !!

  4. Ví a Ranzy Prozac cuando actuó el año pasado en Argentina, no lo conocía antes de esa noche (Solo había visto su página en vídeos tops), fué muy perturbador verlo. Estaba usando esa máscara que lo hace parecer normal pero debajo de ella se podía ver una cicatriz, también tenía una sola pierna, su otra pierna era de un compuesto de metal y plastico, tenía una articulación hidraulica que hacia ruido cada vez que se movia, sonaba como las de las bicicletas. Se movía de un lado al otro como si fuese un mutante borracho. Me dió pena, pero estuvo ok.

  5. when I try to watch goat warship on his site it says “unauthorized civilian access detected” and the video doesn’t load, what gives?

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