StraightJacket Guerrilla Film Festival – ONLINE

The StraightJacket Guerrilla Film Festival starts today and runs through April 7th.

This is a unique film festival in that it is all taking place online. In a time where underground film festivals are either ceasing their existence, or else resorting to showing mainstream works and co-opting the term “underground”, StraightJacket looks to be likely the most relevant underground cinema fest of the year.

Each day brings a new batch of featured works, all for free viewing, on the site’s film page, with a 24 hour window for watching:

StraightJacket Guerilla Film Festival – Featured Films

SPECIAL NOTE: On Monday, April 4th, the film RECOVERY HOUSE will be making it’s long awaited premiere. This is a film created by original members of COLLAPSE PRODUCTIONS (Kelly Broich, Casey Broich) and it stars Absurdist Video Artist ELI ELLIOTT in his feature film acting debut. We will have a bigger write up on the film soon.

For now, enjoy the current selections screening at the above link.

Philosophy of StraighJacket Guerrilla Fest:

We esteem unhealthy film by supporting inventive distractions to help distort the reality of the strange & curious with psychedelic eyes. Film Anarchy. Mostly endorsed by the individual not the follower. In developing a path for future innovators approaching;


Known or Unknown.

Allowing our film mistakes to be SPOTLIGHTED. The gift of anti-beauty as the new beautiful. WE are not concerned about your madness, we WELCOME it.  

 No film must go left or right, but ZIGZAG



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