On YouTube that is.  Brian Bress started posting videos back around 2006, opening up the online world to the performance art world.  The expected, and at times awesome, responses ensued:

“you are not funny. you look like a fool.”

“choke. please do. you wouldn’t notice talent if you bit you on the genitals.”

“Are you supposed to be avant garde? There are 5 year-olds on You Tube with more talent. Hopefully bankruptcy might stop you.”

Thankfully bankruptcy didn’t.  Apparently he was featured at the Getty museum in L.A. sometime in 2008, and continued to post work online up until last year, but now put up his latest work today.  And despite the genital biting crowd, he has a strong following for YouTube, with already a smattering of comments appearing for his latest uploaded 19 minute piece, STATUS REPORT.

Great performance art pieces with sets it seems he created himself;  Different characters, jumbled dialogue, wild and awkward movements, Bress does it all, creating a flurry of absurdity.  A recent comment said it best:

“man this dude can put together some nonsense”!

Here’s his latest STATUS REPORT, followed by some earlier works.

“You are one of the more absurd heroes! Thank you for what you have put forward; it makes things a little easier for all of us…”


Bress website –

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