“Life has changed greatly since 1995 and so should the logic of storytelling and the look, structure and creation of the moving image. I use manners that relate and challenge current life, and that meditate on future possibilities. I would argue that the word professional is slowly becoming harder and harder to understand or evaluate.” – Ryah Trecartin


I first saw Trecartins art sculptures featured some years ago in a small, new Los Angeles gallery.

Accompanied was an amazing video piece, 45 minutes or so long if I recall, which was a lo-fi, frantic, manic, absurdist masterpiece.

Many “gallery based” video artists don’t have their work online, and usually resort to the “brief clip” or excerpt. But Trecartin has a wonderful and full selection on his YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/WianTreetin

Here are some random Ryan Trecartin pieces:

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