Announcing the much needed, much waited for coalition of absurdist film and video makers under one umbrella, on one screen, as part of one festival.

The first ever Absurdist Film Festival is set to go down November 6 outside of Boise, Idaho.

A bit of history is being made here with the first ever absurdism based cinema fest, which essentially solidifies the movement, as a movement.

Cinema in one form or another has always existed on the fringe; the avant garde in the 60’s-70’s, the Cinema of Transgression in the 80’s, the Underground film fests of the 90’s;  and the lost decade of no representation in the 2000’s now ends, and begins with late 2010 marking the period for fringe cinema to take on the absurd;  a state of being that is currently encompassed on all levels and as always it is those working in the margins calling it out and creating the rear view relevant art that the future co-opters salivate over.

American Films is behind the scenes on this one, and rather than exclusively crash the party, looking at their line up they chose to ease into history by including the outsiders from the 80’s and the 90’s right alongside of current troublemakers.  Nick Zedd is showing, as well as heavyweight Damon Packard (and there’s a rumor floating that Packards powerhouse REFLECTIONS OF EVIL may get a screening after the regular roster of films play).

The lineup also features many who have been written about here at the AVA blog, and those on the burner to be featured in the near future.

While this cinematic historical event is going down in IDAHO, there are plans to have it play around the U.S. in various venues.  Contact or comment if interested in hosting an AFF screening in your area.

It’s time.



    1. hey matthew — i emailed them and they said they could try to fit something under 10 minutes of yours in.. not guaranteed but i’ll email the address where to send something..

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