StraightJacket Guerrilla Film Festival – ONLINE

The StraightJacket Guerrilla Film Festival starts today and runs through April 7th.

This is a unique film festival in that it is all taking place online. In a time where underground film festivals are either ceasing their existence, or else resorting to showing mainstream works and co-opting the term “underground”, StraightJacket looks to be likely the most relevant underground cinema fest of the year.

Each day brings a new batch of featured works, all for free viewing, on the site’s film page, with a 24 hour window for watching:

StraightJacket Guerilla Film Festival – Featured Films

SPECIAL NOTE: On Monday, April 4th, the film RECOVERY HOUSE will be making it’s long awaited premiere. This is a film created by original members of COLLAPSE PRODUCTIONS (Kelly Broich, Casey Broich) and it stars Absurdist Video Artist ELI ELLIOTT in his feature film acting debut. We will have a bigger write up on the film soon.

For now, enjoy the current selections screening at the above link.

Philosophy of StraighJacket Guerrilla Fest:

We esteem unhealthy film by supporting inventive distractions to help distort the reality of the strange & curious with psychedelic eyes. Film Anarchy. Mostly endorsed by the individual not the follower. In developing a path for future innovators approaching;


Known or Unknown.

Allowing our film mistakes to be SPOTLIGHTED. The gift of anti-beauty as the new beautiful. WE are not concerned about your madness, we WELCOME it.  

 No film must go left or right, but ZIGZAG



Absurdist Video Art Screenings

If you are interested in showing our work in your art gallery, film center, cinema, venue or creative space where you hold screenings, we have available a ready-to-go dvd reel of recent works from various absurdist video artists from around the world.

Contact us below for more info.


The Absurdist Film Festival 2015

The second Absurdist Film Festival will premiere Saturday, January 10th in Boise, Idaho at the VISUAL ARTS COLLECTIVE


Eli Elliott – Los Angeles
Shay St. John – Los Angeles
Andy Heck Boyd – Boston
Dee Yamamoto – Sacamento
Will Rahilly – New York City
Goat Worship – Edmonton
Diego Agulló – Berlin
Greg Barth – London
Julie Verhoeven – London

SICK AND TWISTED – Strong Sign for a Renewed Decade of The Underground

Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation

I closed off 2011 with the last film festival viewing being that of the long running “Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation.”  Short animated works by a variety of filmmakers who set out to shock, gross out, and ensue hilarity through their creations.

While most of our Absurdist artists here are more the type to use a long screwdriver and slowly churn the screw to produce a form of twisted absurdism that fucks with the head in a subtle but strong way, the spike/mike animators will just use a power drill, driving in the screw direct to produce a quick and easy shot of twisted absurdity. The kind you don’t have to think much about. It’s shit/piss/and penis filled material and that’s how it should be for their form of not always easy, but at least quickly digestable, cinema. And it was a huge relief to see that the animation did actually deliver on the sick and twisted front in the latest Spike and Mike installment, which closed out 2011, opening up hope for a twisted cinematic 2012 and beyond.

The last time I went to a Spike and Mike festival was probably a decade or so ago. And it sucked. I remember one guy in the audience would actually stand up after several of the shorts finished and yell aloud: “THAT WAS NOT SICK, NOR WAS IT TWISTED!”  And the rest of the audience agreed. Much of the work felt mainstream and you wondered what the hell these shorts were doing in the festival.

The selection process seemed to mirror the times and the attitude of alternative cinema everywhere. This was a time, a decade or so ago, when underground cinema seemed to be dying on all fronts. At the usual so called “alternative” film festivals it was “mumblecore” that was being touted as the new underground. A hipster/poser cinema movement where the message was basically the celebration of hipster/poser’ism.  Online works by outsiders, weirdos, and up/coming cinematic deviants were being ignored. No one really knew how to handle the technology from Digital Video to eventually YouTube, so a wave of mediocrity swept through screening venues and festivals which were once home to more transgressive works. The early 2000’s laid the cement down for nearly a decades worth of venue fluff.

But the much needed cracks in the concrete have been forming over the last few years. And now, sprouting up from the cracks, is a new wave of twisted transgressiveness many artists, and audiences, have been yearning for.

Watching the latest Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation reminded me of shows from the late 90’s, when underground works were still being produced and celebrated on screen. I actually took note at the end of each film to see the production date, as if having to blink twice making sure these indeed were new works, and then surprised that, yes, most I noted were.

As mentioned things have been picking up for the underground. And this latest Sick and Twisted fest convinces me further that the lamecore movement of the past decade has in fact died, and we are at the beginning of a new decade of true, new underground works both in the “long screw” artistic Absurdism celebrated on this site, as well as the straight up screw, shit-piss and penis underground.



Video Art and  Experimental Film Festival 2010

“The panel discussion will explore issues such as the definition of the video art and experimental film genre in the wake of the new era of the digital and internet revolution and the complex relationship between online communities dedicated to video art and experimental film versus offline spaces such as galleries, museums and film festivals. Artistic Director Dan Fine says, “The festival aspires to shed new light on the definition of the video art genre and will become an important step to democratize the relationship between artists, curators, institutions, and the public worldwide.”

It took 10 years, but finally it’s being talked about.

It’s also impressive they include an online video site director as part of the panel:

“Panel participants include Ross Harley, a distinguish professor from Australia, Ed Bowes, a SVA professor and winner of the Guggenheim Award, and Blake Whitman, Vimeo Community Director.”

For more info :

And for those attending drop a note at Ferguson “@ symbol”  parismail dot com  for thoughts, feedback, etc.  and I’ll post.