Video Art and  Experimental Film Festival 2010

“The panel discussion will explore issues such as the definition of the video art and experimental film genre in the wake of the new era of the digital and internet revolution and the complex relationship between online communities dedicated to video art and experimental film versus offline spaces such as galleries, museums and film festivals. Videoart.net Artistic Director Dan Fine says, “The festival aspires to shed new light on the definition of the video art genre and will become an important step to democratize the relationship between artists, curators, institutions, and the public worldwide.”

It took 10 years, but finally it’s being talked about.

It’s also impressive they include an online video site director as part of the panel:

“Panel participants include Ross Harley, a distinguish professor from Australia, Ed Bowes, a SVA professor and winner of the Guggenheim Award, and Blake Whitman, Vimeo Community Director.”

For more info : http://VideoArt.net

And for those attending drop a note at Ferguson “@ symbol”  parismail dot com  for thoughts, feedback, etc.  and I’ll post.

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