SQUIRREL MOMMY – Fuck The Earth Film Of The Night

Kelly Broich as Neena the Squirrel Mommy

The first ever Fuck the Earth Night went down on Earth Day in Bosie Idaho with a full fledged evening of live theater, live music, video collage, and short films. It was 3 acts of satirical absurdity, and  likely the most bizarre Earth Day event on the planet.

The film of the night clearly went to “Squirrel Mommy”, a short film by American Films starring Kelly Broich as a woman named Neena who becomes overwhelmed with a fit of jealousy over her best friends news, delivered in stereotypical fashion by actor Casey Broich, “I’m pregnant!”

The friend, Wendy, waits for the expected canned congratulations response which usually is something along the lines of “I’m so happy for you, you are going to be such a great mommy..I can’t wait to see your baby bump..you will be glowing.” And blah blah blah. But Wendy receives none of the typical girlfriend to girlfriend response and instead Neena becomes sad, then ferociously jealous, as she is unable to bear chidren and adorn herself with the “Mommy label”.

At first glance one may wonder where the satirical Earth day angle exists in a jealous child birth scenario. But when you realize that one American child has 55 times the carbon legacy as a child born in India, you can see that the environmental connection with Squirrel Mommy may be the most relevant satire of the night as it plays on the hypocrisy in so many who think they are making huge environmental strides by putting bottles in recycling bins, yet don’t question for a moment the impacts of bringing a child into the mix , which actually negates other efforts while in the bigger picture painfully questions their “I’m so green” status.

 Conveniently we forget, and certainly don’t want to admit, that it’s overpopulation that’s the real culprit behind planetary destruction. Global warming and peak oil would both be much less non-factors if it weren’t for overpopulation which in part is encouraged by the child bearing attitude and addiction which poor jealous Neena portrays as she reveals the lengths she will go to fill this ingrained desire.

“A baby will fill me, with self-worth.. a new purpose and vitality..i want a baby..to call my own” (Neena transitioning into song)

Squirrel Mommy shows the ridiculous glorification of “child birth desire” and “being a mommy” which is so ingrained in our culture, starting with little girls and their baby dolls. After nailing the absurdity of Mommy desire, we are left to cringe with the piss and shit pureness of nature in it’s primal form.

SM concludes with Neena finding solace in her child bearing desires, while conquering her jealously by implementing the classic and destructive “more is better” solution.

While a live screening of this short is ideal to share and experience the varied guttural howling reaction, American Films promptly uploaded it online to share with all.

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