Celebratory Absurdity – Fuck The Earth Night

In celebration of the acceptance of allowing oil to spill into Earths oceans, pollutants to fill the air, nuclear plants and their inevitable radiation disaster and waste to be built everywhere, plastics to be our commonday, fracking and the resulting igniting tap water, and the many more pollutionary fecal’esque dumps on our Mother that we don’t think twice about taking, it seems that the real party on April 22nd should be more about our obsession for fucking the earth over rather than a “put on your green party hat for a day” swaray called Earth Day.

Alas, there is one organization that is celebrating the chemical toilet that we call home with the first ever “Fuck The Earth Night”.

While the money lovin excess obsessed cavalry converge in Idaho for the Sun Valley billionaires conference in preparations for their own future planetary dumpings, the counter current artists and co-conspirators of Collapse Theater are converging not too far away in Garden City in preparations for their own celebration for the night of April 22nd where a variety of films and live theatrics will go down at the Visual Arts Collective.

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