stuck fetish

STUCK FILMS – Absurdist Fetish Performance Art


FROM MY RECENT glimpses around the interwebs it doesn’t seem as if “STUCK FILMS” have hit the trendy blogosphere worlds which seek to find the unusual and then mock it up, so the regular internet surfer can have a grin and reaffirm his or her, usually false sense of, “normalcy”.

Though the world of “stuck” does have it’s own Yahoo group and some decent playlists on YouTube exist, unless you were looking for them or had a stuck fetish, you’d probably miss the world of Stuck films. I came across them thinking I had stumbled on someone’s performance art (which I believe I did), but learned the main thrust of these films is more fetish, as I began noticing the same theme throughout the various performance videos, which basically entail, a human becoming STUCK in something.

It seems the most common form of stuck films to be that of, usually women’s feet becoming stuck in large homemade sticky glue rat trap like floors. Lifting and contorting and curling of the toes takes place as the stuck performer struggles to free themself. Yet it quickly becomes clear, they are STUCK.

The preferred performance, which I’ve learned from various comments from videos, is for the foot performer to struggle, be in angst and slight agony over her stuck situation, as opposed to pretending to enjoy the stuck experience (which many stuck foot novices make the mistake of in their early videos).

Another criticism, as illustrated in the video below and the comment that follows, is the commercialization of stuck art, using cheap glue rather than the preferred rat trap glue, thus trying to capitalize on fast and quick fetish commerce. See the comment that follows this video. UPDATE – this video was deleted from it’s original source, likely due to said criticisms. The comment below was from the original upload.

“Disappointing´╗┐ that a veteran of the stuck community would not use real glue. Would love to see Camilla glued in the rat trap stuff. I still have some of your drawings on old floppy discs back when this was starting out. Now that Sticky-Site is down I suggest you build up your web site with some of your art work (you are a good artist).”

But going well beyond the foot stuck scenarios, are full body stucks. These performances involve the majority of the torso becoming stuck in something. One performer which stands out is Jan Bailey. She (technically “he”, crossdresser it seems) will manage to maneuver into a tight spot, become stuck, and then struggle to get out. During the struggle phase, a number of actions may occur. Pants slipping down, arms flailing around, and again bringing in the feet, this time within a larger context, the toes may curl and contort as the struggle to un-stuck the whole body ensues.

Below we see Jan get stuck inside a ladder, and to make the situation seemingly worse (though not for the viewer), the pants fall down revealing tight white undies.

Stuck films in a way are somewhat of a mocking of standard performance art, though without the intention. The intention here is more fetish, and interesting ways to execute the fetish.

Nonetheless, many stuck pieces are better than much of the current “performance art”, perhaps because of the clear motive for execution, and the often pretentiousness of movement found in typical P.A. is absent here, and in it’s place is a more honest drive to execute the most solid stuck possible.

The audience is also clearly more in tune due to the fetish nature of the act, while even putting in requests for new stucks. This happens frequently with Jan and she obliges, welcoming the performance challenge.

See Jan Baileys stuck work here on her YT Channel – UPDATE – This is Jan’s new YouTube channel, as the old one seems to have been deleted. Most of Jan’s videos from the old account appear to be here, and hopefully new works will follow.