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Updates #6 : Goat Worship AKA Randy Prozac


Our Canadian Absurdists, GOAT WORSHIP, seem to remain disbanded. Left in the wake has been the ringleader, RANDY PROZAC, who is working under the moniker “Sentimental Corporation”.

Prozac has forged ahead, absent his usual stable of performers. He instead has been animating, using Sims characters it appears, to take the place of the ex real life co-conspirators.

The pieces are incredible, and clearly it seems he is able to cover more ground, and say much more.

Currently on his website, on the PARASITE DREAMS page, there are  6 “Treatments” each about 65 minutes long.  They flow so well you can lose yourself in these pieces. And despite their length, Prozac can somehow cover prescription drug use, senior citizen sex, consumerism, terrorism, religion, and feminism, all in the first 3 minutes (see Treatment 4) and it just builds to more Absurdist heights from there.

Some of the pieces I recall viewing a few years ago, so when trying to get an update on current work I contacted another Absurdist who informed me he hadn’t talked to Prozac in some years now, and emails were never returned. “He’s probably dead”, was the conclusion made.

Prozac’s work is a mountain of “what’s fucked in the world”, mainly the consumer laden, horrible culture trending, heavily corrupted world in which it seems most people hardly bat an eyelash at, let alone question, and instead just accept as completely “normal”. 

He’s delegated himself to his own corner of the digital world, the internet, while heavily swearing off any association with the social media trend taking place. Facebook? Twitter? No way.

All the former Goat Worship videos have been deleted from YouTube, account closed, and now he hosts his own videos on his own site which you have to be sort of a magician to navigate through.

Hence the prediction of “probably dead” could stem from perhaps the thinking that a breaking point has been crossed. Prozac’s a well written punk/rage artist taking on a huge amount of bullshit reality in 3 minutes, then not stopping for another 62. And that’s just one piece.





Upon further waving my wand and looking through his site, I see some “2012” signs that he is still here, and still going strong. There are music links which were done in 2012, as well as some spoken word poetry books (POEMS FOR THE MACHINES) for streaming, and much more.

I also found all the old Goat Worship videos. Instead of “Treatments”, these are divided up into “Rituals”. Numerous works, very lengthy, much more than I remember seeing on YouTube.

Here’s some comments from 2011 I stumbled across from a message board where someone had posted Randy’s site, and the forum members seemed to be blown away, though many confused, hence the attempted explanations below:

–“It’s the illusion. He’s showing you how it looks to him. Crazy right? Just because of how he’s reacting. Most of what he’s trying to represent is a natural product of society. While you want to think E! and all those sexy womenz and menz of society. Really society produces disease and diseased personalities. In the large scale of looking at the whole world.”

–“It’s all really over exaggerated to show you what it really looks like in his mind.

And then you start to see how he’s figured out how it’s society and the major people in power have shaped the population and that’s why everyone is like this. But it only stops when we decide to stop treating each-other like this.

I think he’s saying that it’s too late almost. Like there’s too many people that are so fucked up that you can’t fight them because they’ve just taken it upon themselves to steal everything to be the number 1 on top of the world. And how can you stop them all?

Change them maybe? I think this is the point of his videos. To show you the meaning behind it. “

–“And at around 9 minutes, the speech about ‘The loneliness of wisdom’, it’s surprisingly optimistic and goes against the idea Parasite Dreams is just a depressing tirade against the system. In spite of the unsettling imagery, it sums up what Parasite Dreams is about, not a struggle to ‘change the system’ but that we should disassociate ourselves from it and be aware of it to the fullest extent. The series is pleading with viewers to wake up, there is no liberal political agenda, the imagery isn’t that important, it’s all in the subtle details.”


If you want to dive right in and see what you come up with: http:://

(You should take a dive first to at least check out one of the best website homepages ever)

But here’s my cheat sheet as well:

New Randy Prozac films:

Old Goat Worship films:

Music/Spoken Word:

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And a more thorough review of Randy’s new work (which by the way, this animated Sims also goes by “PARASITE DREAMS” and each segment was formerly called a “dream”, where it is now labeled as a “Treatment”. Blog review –