Kari Tykkyläinen

Updates 4 : TYKYLEVITS (Kari Tykkyläinen) : The Documentary

THE FINNISH PHENOMENA, known as TYKYLEVITS (real name Kari Tykkyläinen) has continued to dominate video uploads while continuing to live his Absurdist lifestyle; life on a seemingly remote compound filled with art, music, animals, his wife, and a rotating cast of beautifuls that he seems to have “shipped in” from the nearby town.

Clearly many of Tykylevits fan base (which he likely has the most “fans” out of all of us here, combined) tune in for the portrait videos of these Nordic Country models, real women, full figured, curvy, and proud; Confident, and clearly having fun. (View the documentary posted below for more on this)

Many of Tyky’s latest vids have been electric cigar box jam sessions. The steady shot video is always visually interesting as he surrounds himself with props, adorns himself with wigs, women’s clothing, or sometimes nothing. The jams can be a challenge to get through though as Tyky belts out the blues while his one or two string guitars shreek out rapid fire riffs.

Nevertheless it’s Kari’s world, Kari’s portrait:

Every day, my videos are to me like short paintings, little ideas, you just have to do them out of you, when you feel angry, make music, when you feel horny, call some woman with respect and love to make videos with you.    source: http://www.urlesque.com/2010/10/05/kari-tykkylainen-tykylevits-interview/#ixzz1xMiQ8HAC

A incredible, and beautiful 30 minute documentary with English subtitles has recently surfaced on Tyky’s channel. For the first time, we get some explanations and understandings of how things work in Kari’s world. The women, the art, and the lifestyle; truly one lived on the outside. The doc moves along quickly, and you realize there’s a good ‘nother 60 minutes that probably could’ve been added.

At the flea market, my daughter and wife get clothes for themselves…
While I shop for bra’s and stockings…



Often in his videos Tykylevits deals with the absurdity of man, the “struggles” – sometimes unwarranted but present, the blues, and the joys of child like “play”,  something a grown man is not supposed to do anymore.


My intention is to get people to do silly things. I want to set an example for distressed people.

Here’s the wonderful RUBENS OF THE NORTH.



And to throw in a current piece,  here we see some of the aforementioned ‘absurdity of man’; and how the object of desire, the Woman, really has control, power. And in reality it probably should be us boys, Harley men or not, down on our knees.