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BRIAN BRESS : Article + Video Interview 2013


Absurdist Video Artist Brian Bress did a MocaTV video interview a few months ago, and an accompanying article from the KCET blog also came out. The article goes more in depth regarding Bress’s latest video art paintings, but also, surprisingly gives a nod to his original video work which we’ve championed here for some time now.

In Brian Bress’ one minute and ten second video, “World Report” (2006), Bress sits onscreen dressed as a news reporter, rhythmically chanting “Bangladesh,” until he changes the words to “dish, dish, this your dish, this your dish it’s super delish

The video interview focuses completely on 2011-2012 works, mainly incorporating video into painting, or to “force video to occupy the space of a painting.”


Currently Bress has a show running through July in Rome:

Opening May 16- July 21, 2013 — Brian Bress, MACRO, Rome, Italy

Here’s Brian Bress interviewed by MocaTV which despite the annoyingly canned and standard fare quick cut intro which all such “internet TV” series feel the need to employ, the actual edited interview footage does a real good job at holding on to the the work for a number of seconds allowing the viewer to at least get a taste of the piece, in silence, no background music, just the work doing it’s own thing. Very nice, very rare.

Read also the accompanying article here – Playing Paint: The Video Art of Brian Bress

And, of course, Brian Bress and his Absurdist Video Art trigger, WORLD REPORT: