B-Sides – “ELIENATION and ZED ARCHIE” – (The Absurdist’s Side Projects)

still from “RE: Reply To zenarcher’s “Challenge Met” Video” by Zed Archie

This is how the Absurdist B Sides end up being created. They are works that have spilled over the sides and onto new surfaces, where a new audience resides. An audience which wouldn’t have been reached otherwise.  This new “audience” is forced, and sometimes fooled, into experiencing Absurdism in a different way or a different medium, usually more “accessible”. This exposure would have never been accomplished if the work remained inside the familiar glass. And in some cases the real satire is revealed as such, not in the work itself but in the reaction and comments about the work.  (original post about “B-SIDES” here)


A few years back Eli Elliott ventured into the satirical video response world of YouTube where his compulsion to respond creatively spilled him over onto a new surface: the audiences of two very popular YouTube personalities. He mocked a video vlogging war which was occurring during the time, involving a self inferring ZEN master of sorts who was hawking for money to write a book, and a rational thinking YouTube personality who called out the Zen masters fraudulent antics, eventually declaring “CHECKMATE” to his opponent as thousands of viewers eagerly watched the back and forth YouTubian drama unfold. Elliott then stepped in, satirically mocking  the situation, and the comments that resulted from his new audience ranged from “best YouTube spoof EVER” to further riled up reaction regarding the heated vlogger war taking place.

You of course needed an insider understanding in order to comprehend Eli’s mocking, which proved that a new surface had, in fact, been breached; for the first time it was an actual mainstream crowd which was forced to view Elliott’s work, but in a setting or theme which was familiar and easy for them to digest.

When emailed about this Eli responded that it sort of scared him, as suddenly people were messaging him saying how he should definitely do more of these: “basically they were urging me to become a popular “thing” on YouTube…where you create the funny-ha-ha effect type videos..thinking of that pressure to please masses in that way made me stop  after a few of these..”

Your videos are brilliant. What a pity that you’ve not made a video in over a year.



Truly one of the greatest videos to ever hit YT..lfmao…lol…lol….great


lol even zen liked it.. mad work man.. u seemed to express urself like nicholas cage a bit in that.. was cool.



Follow up spoof video: “ZED ARCHIE TRAILER”


    1. Kelsey Langner – wow Jenn, you weren’t kidding these kids were born to be melods!!! i love the one where the girls are kissing their brother, the faces are priceless!!!

  1. Wonderful card, Debby (as per usual! LOL!). I love the colours of that BG Marrakech pad, so I think I’ll dig it out for my next card! And your cross sttich … WOW! Flipping heck – it’s amazing! I used to cross-sttich years ago (…and actually I have many unfinished pieces stored away somewhere!) and so I can fully appreciate the time and skill it takes to make something as detailed as this! Hugs, Sem x

  2. I threw a package of frozen onion and pepper chunks in the bottom of the crock pot, added a “pot roast,” a can of chopped tomatoes (with jalapenos), a cup of broth, half a cup or so of red wine, salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, garlic powder, about 1/4 cup of olives with juice (I was more-or-less following a “Mediterranean Roast” recipe I’d printed out from bettycrocker’s website, and went to work.When I got home, I made mashed potatoes (skins on!) (with a little fat-free sour cream and butter). The meat was done, so I set it aside on a plate, and added a cornstarch and water mix to the crock pot to thicken the sauce.I’d gone for a farewell lunch for a coworker at an all-you-can-eat Mongolain grill places, so wasn’t very hungry and didn’t eat much dinner (just a little piece of meat and veggie-laden sauce).We don’t have TJ’s around here, either. Wish we did, as I’ve heard lots of great things about it.Tonight will probably be leftover pot roast with salad.

  3. Thanks for everything that you have poestd on the site!This stuff takes me back to some really long weekends spending hours in line at the Coconut Teazer, then going to the Palomino club after for dancing until Sunday afternoon!!! I believe the clubs were No Doz and Sketch Pad, but the mind forgets things like that sometimes!Good times .

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