AVA for MAY – Eli Elliott’s Absurdist Three


Eli Elliott released a small slew of varying Absurdist works in May, ranging from movements in nature to nostalgic environments to his now and then autobiographical dry humor monologue pieces taken from real life circumstance and/or situation.

SPRINGS IN MY STEP FOR THE BEE’S OF ST. BURG experiments with slow motion and distorted rhythm while photographing movement in a way that is somewhat mesmerizing, and the totality of it all together, somewhat absurd.


RUNNIN’ DOWN A DREAM is an observational (and/or anthropological?) piece capturing the absurdity of a scene; the nostalgic cover band music from 30 plus years ago still being celebrated, the lost souls brown bag harboring about and the stereotypical American party time environment during a period where the media environment speaks of the bad only going to get worse.
For best quality change the viewer quality to that of “720p”.





MY ART OPENING tells the tale of a failed art gallery opening, created by our filmmaker and apparent artist (drawing/sculpting), Eli. It’s one of his “experimental autobiographical” pieces which he creates now and then, and it is rather humorous in both the delivery and the actual event, or non-event.  Change the player to “720p” for the preferred viewing.





To keep up with Eli Elliott’s Absurdist video art work, check his YT channel out at http://www.youtube.com/user/Elienation

One comment

  1. These films are beautiful to watch, as well as a pepper-spray for the mind.

    They go beyond the boundary of absurdism, and capture much more of the earnest effort of understanding our world.

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