GOAT WORSHIP has been a bitch to track. A prolific video making experimental absurdist outfit, they used to have nearly all their work on YouTube and then in some sort of fit of rage or frustration they would take down their whole channel, delete all their videos. Then months later it would re-surface under another channel, then, once again it would be gone; either again self inflicted or YouTube inflicted.

In their hometown in Canada they apparently have been banned from various venues.

In 2010, in the U.S., they were featured as part of the Absurdist Film Festival.

And then, some sort of inner turmoil disbanded the whole Goat Worship acting troupe.

But the ringleader has returned, and has turned to animation (SIMS characters) to further spread the hive mind goat gospel.

The animation approach works great. I sat through 35 minutes of the “first dream” no problem and eager to get into the second dream series.

The incredible new website offers new work, plus all the classic GOAT WORSHIP videos, and also music.

Check the site out at http://sentimentalcorp.org/

Here’s the new work on the site –¬† http://sentimentalcorp.org/parasitedreams/

And here’s the classic Goat Worship – http://sentimentalcorp.org/goat/index.php

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  1. Hello I recently came to discover this website and if you or Randy could possible talk to me or message me, I’d love to know more of him, I agree with most of what he believes and I agree that it should be aggressive because that’s the only (unfortunate) way to get ppl to understand or get the point across. We’re in a sugar coded incompetent generation and we need an uprising to be human again, we need to chill or as he explained to be fully aware and dissociate from technology, we’re moving fast on that and slowing on human psychological or emotional understanding. I see it all the time, I’ve experienced it most of my life, I’ve seen friends suffer and family. So far I’m the ONLY one of all my circle of friends that can listen to all the albumz in his website and Even fall asleep while listening to them in my headphones. They’ve helped me tremendously and give me very realistic and prolonged dreams, I wish I never had to wake up from. My depression and anxiety and suicidal wishes have lowered a lot thanks to him, I admire him and he’s a magnificent brilliant artist and possible an isolated wise guy who sees past the bullshit of society. I always did but never knew i wasn’t the Only one. Thank you Randy even if that’s not your real name, thanks for helping me be a stronger version of myself and not let society or fakes (trendies) oppress their delusional way of a “perfect” and Only way of life. I no longer doubt myself and I’ve downloaded all the albumz and made them into CDs. You recently added an album and it’s pretty good. I’m on your website everyday and every night. I’d like to talk to you, I’m not as intelligent as you but I agree with what you’re doing. I hope I get the honor to speak with you someday. Thank you.
    Sincerely yours schyko_Alex

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