Prolific video artist “tykylevits” hails out of the northern part of Finland; seemingly in a secluded homestead filled with outsider art sculptures, Harley Davidson motorcycles, various animals, and a number of fishnet stocking wearing women who willingly, and gladly, perform for the camera; from cross country skiing in miniskirts in the harsh Finnish winters to rolling around in muddy swamps during the summers.

Due to the language barrier, the history, backstory, and details on “tykylevits” remain a mystery to this blog at the moment. Though a quick translation from a Finnish colleague revealed “tykylevits” to be an artist, known for his wood carving pieces. He’s also in a motorcycle club. And involved in politics to some degree.

But it’s his absurdist video work which clearly occupies his time and artistic preference. This guy lives it. Ranging from absurd fetish videos, to improv music performances, to experimental pieces, “tykylevits” pumps out work continuously. Subscribe to his online channel and you’ll get a new piece in your subscription box almost daily.

One thing absurdist video artists all have in common is the need, desire, almost obsessive addiction to create consistently in their absurdist voice of choice; clearly this be the case for “tykylevits”. This drive for many often causes perfected polished works to become secondary to the immediate regurgitation of work. Nevertheless “tykylevits” provides a decent mix of both the immediate, yet still having an eye on experimentation and editing to further drive the absurdism over the top.


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  2. I first saw Mr. Tykyevits on YouTube. This guy is cool, wish I could go to Finland and meet with him. His Cigarbox guitar is remeniscent of mine, as a adolescent, only his is much better. Thanks for your off-beat humor, and your video’s.

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