I had thought the whole “I made a movie for 100 dollars” angle had run it’s course.  10 years ago that seemed something, but now, not so much. And what’s with 100 dollars.  How about 10 dollars.  How about 10 cents.  Would that make a film even more special, appealing?

“Shot entirely for $96 in a 220 square foot studio apartment in Manhattan, it was adapted, directed, filmed, acted, designed, and edited by one man.

FLOODING WITH LOVE FOR THE KID has received a lot of attention.  The LA Weekly gave it a whole column write up recently.

It’s a feature length, one man cinematic show…

“Actor and filmmaker Zachary Oberzan, performing all two dozen characters himself, created this monumental, transgressive film as a testament to the animal ingenuity and triumphant spirit of the lone artist with no money, no resources, no nothing.”

Based on early Rambo…

“Meticulously adapted from David Morrell’s novel First Blood, which introduced the world to a kid named Rambo waging a one-man war against a sheriff and small town..”

It’s supposedly serious while looking pretty horrible but then is sort of admirable, and then feels like what the fuck and why, yet it doesn’t seem to work, and all this is just from viewing the trailer below, so then maybe there is some merit.


Zachary’s website where a DVD can be purchased (out of stock as of this writing it appears) – http://www.zacharyoberzan.com/

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