Randy Prozac was the ringleader behind GOAT WORSHIP, an Absurdist video making outfit, comprising of a group of actors performing in bizarre experimental videos. While Goat Worship has disbanded, Prozac remains and now creates animated works, visually more “accessible” but more vast and convoluted content wise.  Their themes revolve around the absurdities of human behavior including hive mind mentality, corporatism, logos, popular culture trends, and mind control.

Randy’s incredible website includes both old Goat Worship and new Prozac animated works – http://sentimentalcorp.org/


  1. Listen here artist boy, there are 3 things in life, money. power. pussy. in that order, the sooner you put down your crayons and pick up a hammer the sooner you’ll realize that. you think drawing is a skill, yeah a skill the teach in kindergarten, then guess what? they’re done teaching it by grade school.

  2. aaa randy yer muzik is da shit, we and da boys here in “lafrance” love da shit, keep it up dare yeah tabernack, FRANCE LOVE RANDY BIG.

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