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NICK ZEDD appears to be returning to filmmaking with a “historic motion picture” to be shot in Berlin and is seeking the funds to make it happen. This film could bring back a long ago deceased underground film energy/environment, and new recognition for subversive appreciation. He’s done it before by more or less starting the Cinema of Transgression and seems to be prepared to subvert the scene once again with new energy and a well thought out film structure as can be seen in the kickstarter description (link below).


Nick Zedd needs your money to make a film. His role in the world of underground film can’t be underestimated, from launching the Underground Film Bulletin through to the Cinema of Transgression manifesto, he’s left his cultural mark. Add to that some great movies (re-watch War Is Menstrual Envy and tell me its not a visionary piece of cinema, or Police State as a classic of the Cinema of Transgression, plus a dozen other cinematic blasts) and his general and on-going presence as cultural troublemaker, plus he wrote Bleed which is a classic rant that you should all have read. So, try and pledge something, however small…

(Video is not embedding on this site, click the kickstart link below for the vid)


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  1. Piter says:

    I enjoyed The Lookout very much. I agree that it is scprit and performance driven, and the movie excels in both. I particularly liked the use of Chris’ sequencing as a plot element and a vehicle for character development. As Rishi notes, it also provides an apt metaphor for the carefully constructed scprit. I have to echo the praise for Gordon-Levitt’s performance; he is really exceptional here. While it’s true that the visual style is generally uninteresting, the film does establish a strong sense of place that anchors the action. It is always refreshing to see a realistic depiction of American life.

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